CNC Swiss Machining

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CNC Swiss machinings the process of machining extremely intricate parts with computer numerical control (CNC). Inspired by the process of making Swiss watches, CNC Swiss machines provide high precision machining solutions, which is just what you need for medical device manufacturing. von Zabern Surgical’s CNC Swiss machining and micromachining allow us to create the most intricate medical device components and implants with accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness.

von Zabern Surgical offers the best in CNC Swiss machining performance, supported by the latest equipment and manned by expert technicians. Our 23 CNC Swiss machines offer precise, repeatable machine movements that can be programmed for optimal speeds, feeds, and machine cycles.

CNC Swiss Machining Capabilities

  • 7 axis machines – Complex part geometries and faster cycle times
  • Multiple spindle machining – Complete parts in one set-up
  • High speed machining – Smaller parts features, long-run efficiencies
  • Live tooling – Off center features and complex geometries
  • High precision machining – Tight tolerances on complex parts
  • Materials: stainless steel, titanium, brass, plastic, and others

CNC Swiss Machining Process Capabilities

Thread milling, thread whirling, Thread Rolling, broaching, drilling, reaming, tapping, boring, turning, milling.